We’ve already discussed the various activities that daddy and daughter can do together, now it's the boys turn. 
Building a fort
There are many types of forts that dads can build with their tots. But this all depends on your son’s age, of course, as well as the time that your partner is able to dedicate to this activity. A fort could be a great long-term project between father and son. Most importantly, forts are something that can last years and will be something that can be treasured by both father and son.
Sporting events
Not every little boy is going to love sports and probably not every dad does either. For those who do, a father and son day at a sporting event can be a great way to bond. Whether it’s watching a sporting event on television or in an actual live arena, a day spent watching whatever your partner’s favourite sporting preference, is something that your son will remember for many years to come.
Shaving cream paintings
Your little one is probably used to seeing their daddy use a lot of cream whilst shaving. While they are definitely too young to grasp the techniques of shaving just yet, they still can have plenty of fun with their dad’s shaving cream. Your partner can place some of their shaving cream in a bowl with a little food colouring, which your tot can then spread the coloured fluff all over different pages. This is not only a great bonding activity for father and son, it also gives your tot a new opportunity to be creative in an entirely different way.
While your son is probably used to seeing their mum constantly dressing up, it can be a great experience to see their dad in some fancy get up too. Whether your partner and son dress up together in superhero costumes or whatever they find in each other’s wardrobes. It is definitely a fun activity that both father and son will enjoy.
Your tot will be too young to completely understand car mechanics. But if their dad is a little bit of an expert when it comes to car mechanics, seeing how a car works can still be a fun bonding experience for both of them. Your tot will learn how a car operates whilst spending some time with their dad.
Your partner doesn’t have to be an expert musically or even know how to play an instrument. As long as he and his son are able to bang out some tunes together or even dance to some music, it can be a great way for both father and son to truly bond together whilst having fun.