Felt is a really adaptable material and is easy to cut into various shapes and designs. Here are three crafts using felt that you and your toddler can make.


Snake finger puppets

Not only will you have fun making them, but you can have loads of fun playing with them when you are done.


What you’ll need:

1 sheet of green felt

1 sheet of black felt

1 sheet of red felt

Scraps of white felt

Needle and thread



  1. Cut the green felt into three strips, lengthways.
  2. Cut the black into a zig-zag shape and sew to the green felt. You only need to do one side.  
  3. About half way up, sew on two little white circles for the eyes.
  4. Fold the green felt lengthways and sew the sides with the needle and thread. Leave an opening at one end for your finger to fit through.
  5. Finally, cut a strip of red for the tongue and secure to the green using the thread.


Rainbow wall art

This is a really pretty idea for your toddler's wall. Every morning they wake up they'll remember the fun they had making it with you.


What you’ll need:


A3 sheet of white felt paper


1 sheet each of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet felt

Needle and thread



  1. Draw the outline of the rainbow onto the white sheet of felt using the pencil.
  2. Cut the coloured sheets accordingly so that they are all in a U-shape. When cutting it make sure you don’t cut them all to the same size - the inner colour is a lot smaller than the outer one.  
  3. Arrange them onto the pencil drawn rainbow and then sew them on using the needle and thread.


Fancy felt hat

Have some dress up fun with this really sweet fancy felt hat. 


What you’ll need:

1 large sheet of white card paper


PVC glue

1 sheet of red felt, big enough to cover the paper


Handful of felt scraps (optional)

1 length of twine




  1. Fold the sheet of card into a cone shape. Simply start at one corner and pull it until it rolls into a cone. You might need to trim the end so that it is even.
  2. Hold the cone shape with a little sellotape along the seam.
  3. Cover the card in the glue and press onto the red felt. A few staples around the end will ensure it stays in place.
  4. You decorate the hat using the scraps of felt. Simply put a little glue on the back of the felt and press onto the hat.
  5. Punch a hole on either side of the hat and thread your twine through.
  6. Finish off the hat by stapling the ribbon to the top of the cone.