Everyone everywhere has come up with simple and ingenious ways to make parenting your tots a little easier. Most of the time they can be a little unrealistic and never go exactly to plan. Here are some real hacks to make looking after your child a little easier.
Eating in the bathtub
Yes, you read that right. Your toddler can create messes that you didn’t even know were possible in the first place. So, if your toddler is about to delve into something that is extremely messy, why not let them sit in your bathtub and dig in. This can be even more ideal during the hot summer days when your tot is trying to cool down with an ice lolly.
Spill free car rides
Sick of cleaning up those mystery stains in the car? Well here is a handy and easy tip that can finally stop all of those juice stains. All you need to do is buy a sippy cup and a crazy straw. So, when you fill your toddler’s favourite drink in their sippy cup and instead of inserting the crazy straw the regular way, insert it upside down. The unusual design of your crazy straw makes it impossible for children to pull the straw out, thereby preventing those car messes.
Cheap magnet set
All you need is an old baking tray and some magnets and your tot can have endless hours of fun.
We all know how picky our tots can be. By adding some sprinkles to the appropriate dishes, eating is a lot more fun for your toddler.
Coffee lids
A great tip to reduce the drippy messy that an ice lolly can bring, is by using a coffee lid. Stick the ice pop stick through the spout of the upside down coffee lid and say goodbye to those drippy trails. 
Sneak vegetable attack
Does your tot love pasta but hate vegetables? Well this tip can not only ensure that your tot enjoys their meal but that they get some much needed veg as well. Simply place some veg on the inside of your child’s pasta shells. This not only ensures that your tot gets their much needed veg but that they enjoy their meal as well.