Now that the days are a little longer and brighter, it is the perfect opportunity for you and your little one to get out and about.


From playing football to splashing in puddles, there are plenty of things to keep you both occupied and having fun.


Here are six ways you can both enjoy the outdoors and spend some much-needed quality time together. 


Train/ aeroplane spotting

If your little one is really into their planes, trains and automobiles, why not take them to the airport or the train station for a bit of plane/train spotting.


Kite flying

Spring is the ultimate kite flying season as days can be both dry and blustery. Why not make your own kite or, if you’re not feeling particularly crafty, you can pick one up in your local discount store.



This might take a little bit of practice before your preschooler gets the hang of it, but it is so worth it. Head to your driveway and, using chalk, draw the hopscotch squares on the ground. Grab a stone and play to your heart’s content.


Hill rolling

What child doesn’t like rolling down hills over and over again! Make a trip to your local park or field, find the highest hill there and spend the morning or afternoon simply rolling down - this is one you’ll definitely want to get involved in.


Shell collecting

Grab a bucket or a paper bag and head to your local beach with your toddler for some shell collecting. There are many various types of shells adorning our beautiful beaches so why not spend the whole day picking them up!


Go see some baby animals  

Spring is the perfect time to introduce your little one to baby animals so why not head to the countryside or a local farm. If you are lucky, the farmer might even allow you or your youngster to try feeding their newest arrival.