A teenage girl who is battling cancer has achieved her dream of dancing at her high school prom, after being told by doctors she might not be alive for it.
17-year-old Amber Martin from Pennsylvania in the US has dreamed of going to prom since she was a little girl.
Amber said, “I didn't think I'd be here for the prom… We didn't think I'd make it to May. That sounds morbid, but...”
Amazingly,  Amber has defied her doctors and managed to put up the fight against cancer long enough to make it to her high school dance.
She planned on going with her good friend Quinn, and bravely went to the dance without her wig and in her beautiful prom dress.
Amber suffers from stage 4 astrocytoma and has been undergoing intense radiation sessions. Though the tumour in her back has shrunk, she has since been told the cancer has spread to her brain.
Her mum said, “She has a very strong faith and she has a firm belief that when she goes, she will be reunited with her dad… She's not afraid to die, but people need to understand she's not ready to go tomorrow.”
“We all know that her days are, unfortunately, limited… We just want to make each day as happy for her as we can. We want to let her experience life as a teenager as normally as possible,” she added.