It has been quite normal to overlook bad behaviour in children with the excuse that they are expressing themselves freely. However, studies have shown that good manners are back with a vengeance, and are very important in a child’s upbringing. Many parents feel that instilling good manners in their children is a good way to guide them through life. Also, witnessing bad behaviour in other children has strengthened the decision in parents to bring back good manners in their children.
Having respect for adults, greeting people properly, and saying “please and “thank you,” are said to be very important manners for children to learn. When children receive gifts these days, many parents are opting for the good old-fashioned hand written thank you note.
It’s hard work teaching your child manners, and it can become rather frustrating a lot of the time, so you need to be careful to not correct your child in public – take your child to one side and explain to your child what is expected of him. With patience and determination, you will be rewarded as they grow older and present themselves as polite young adults.