Advertising agency Deutsch NY has produced a video for Champions Against Bullying which aims to show the devastating effects of bullying.

The public service announcement features a variety of teenagers reading heartfelt comments from the Facebook pages of bullied teens.

These touching posts included messages such as: “You are beautiful and unique in every way” and “I want to thank you for all the times you were there for me, and for being the greatest friend anyone could ask.”

The viewer then learns that these messages were posted to teens who are unfortunately no longer with us, having taken their own lives as a result of bullying. One boy focuses on the tragic finality of suicide, saying: "Everyone misses you, I just wish you were here to see it. I love you."

The heartbreaking video ends with the words ‘Be Nice. Now’ which encourages both children and teens to treat each other with respect and kindness.

We truly hope the touching video has the desired effect.