Whether your child is just starting school or about to leave for college, there are some simple things you can do to help them achieve their very best in the classroom.
Get involved with the school
Being involved in the school means you have a good idea of what is going on. When your child is younger, you can help out in the classroom or get involved with the parents association. Make sure you go to every parent teacher meeting, not just to know how your child is doing, but to also show your little one that you are interested in how they are getting on. 
Get a timetable of their daily schedule
As your son or daughter moves into secondary school, they are going to have longer days and a lot more subjects. Know their timetable so that you can help them stay on track of subjects they have each day and what they needs to be done each week. If possible, pin it to a noticeboard in the kitchen so they won’t forget important papers or notes for a particular class.
Read together
Getting your child interested in books and reading from an early age will help them when it comes to reading and writing in school. Read to younger children, encourage older ones to read alone and stock your house full of books on interesting and different topics to grab your child’s attention.
Give them a place to study
Having a designated place to study and work will mean your youngster will have everything they need around them without spending precious time looking for items. If you don’t have room for a desk in your home the kitchen table can work just as well. Make sure it is cleared of any clutter and that your little one is away from any distractions, especially the television.
Look over their work
Have a look over your child’s work before they pack it away in their bag. Ask them questions on what they learnt to reinforce what their teacher taught them and to make sure they actually understand it. When it comes to older children, while they may have outgrown you looking over their work, you should still ask them questions on the homework they just completed.