Toilet training is one aspect of parenting that many of us would like to leave to someone else!


And considering it is a stage that we all must go through with our tots, and one that is guaranteed to makes us laugh (if we didn’t laugh, we’d just cry!), we asked MummyPages mums to share any funny stories they had of their youngster's experience.


This is what they said – we bet you can relate to a few!


1. Louise, Dublin: “The only way I could get my son to sit [on the toilet] for longer than a minute, was to hand him the Argos catalogue. He wouldn’t move for 20 minutes after that!”


2. Emma: “We’re going through it right now. Last week when it was sunny, my son was outside the back playing. When nature called, he pulled his pants down and decided to run to the loo with his pants around his ankles!”


3. Milly:  “When my daughter was two and going through potty training, she was so proud of peeing in her potty, that she picked it up and ran to show me. Unfortunately, she slipped and ended up pouring it all over the newly cleaned carpet.”



4. Susan: “I'm training my daughter at the moment. Last Saturday, I bought two Easter hunt buckets for her and her brother Sam. When Millie asked to play with Sam’s blue one I said ok! However, a few minutes went by with no sound from her, which made me totally suspicious, so I called up the stairs: “Millie? What are you doing?”. “Nothing,” she says. “Don't lie to mammy now,” says I. “What are you  doing?”. She replied: “Well, em, I just did my poos.” “Good girl, I'm coming up to wipe u now,” says I. “Yes mammy, I'm very good, I did them in SAM’s Easter bucket and not my knickers.” What could I say to that?! The fact that she even got it in the bucket with its wavy rim design is beyond me! Suffice to say Sam must never know!”


5. Rebecca, Bradford: “My little girl is 15- months-old so not there yet, but when I was little I wee'd in a toilet my mum and dad were waiting to instal in the bathroom. It was still in the bedroom in preparation. I was very pleased with myself though apparently! 


6. Louise: “My little girl is two and, one day, at Nursery she wanted to change into some pink trousers. When she was told ‘no’, she went outside and came back in a few minutes later saying she had had an 'accident' so she could change! 

Another time she picked up another child’s poo after it fell onto the carpet after an accident. She was very proud to tell me she had held *insert child’s name*'s poo.”


7. Dawn: “My two-and-a-half-year-old says 'good girl mummy' if she's in the bathroom with me and I use the toilet lol.”


8. Sharon: “After having two boys and then a girl, I’d can say I’d definitely prefer to train a boy any day!”



If you are going through toilet training at the moment, the following hacks might help you out!