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How can I encourage my child to be more active?

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Most two year olds are filled with energy and on the move constantly; however, some toddlers are just not that interested in physical activity. This is where a parent must step in and provide activities to get their toddler up and moving. Here are some tips:

1.    While buckling your child in a stroller is convenient to you, it’s a time when they could be walking. When you go for a walk, leave the stroller at home. You may not get as far with a two year old walking, but it’s much better for your child.
2.    If the weather is bad and you’re stuck in the house, turn on some music and get your toddler dancing. Encourage him to follow your moves as you flap your arms like a dancing chicken, or march to the music like you’re in a parade. They will love the fact that you are dancing with them and will be getting great exercise.
3.    Invite another child over to play. When two toddlers get together, they usually will not sit still. You can play a game such as hide and seek.
4.    Consider enrolling your two year old in a toddler dance class or a tumbling class. Not only will this activity be good for your child’s physical development, it will also be good for his social development.
5.    Exercise with your toddler. There are many exercises that you can do right alongside your child, such as jumping jacks, running in place, and yoga stretches.
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