It is important for mums to use positive communication, even if what they are saying is negative, because children will simply ignore you if you are constantly saying no. 
In order to avoid using the word, mums will need to be creative in how they say things.
Give them a choice.
If your child is running around the house, rather than saying “no running in the house” rephrase it with a choice llike "you can run all you like outside or you can walk around the house”
Offer an alternative.
Some kids can’t stop doing something because they simply don’t know what to do instead. Try saying “gently pet the dog” instead of “stop hurting the dog”.
Turn a negative into a positive.
Instead of saying “no cycling in the house” why not try “we only cycle outside”.
Use a calm, explanatory approach.
Stop the situation happening in the first place by writing up a daily schedule so that when they ask to play outside you can say “the schedule says you can play outside at 4:30.”
Give a reason for why you are saying no.
If they are not allowed do certain things always give the reason why. 
It may take some time to break the habit but it will be worth it when your children start to benefit from a more positive home.