Eight-year-old Marlie Cummings from Victoria, Australia, attends a school where girls are required to wear a dress or skirt as part of the school uniform.


The little girl didn’t feel comfortable in a dress or a skirt and wanted the chance to wear shorts or trousers like the boys.


So, she went to the school principal and earnestly put her case to him. Marlie explained: “He’s just a very nice principal and I said: ‘Why can’t I wear pants or shorts like the boys?’ ”


Marlie’s mum Karen explained: “The principal didn’t have a great argument back because it’s not a good argument”.


Marlie went on to explain why wearing trousers or shorts made her feel more comfortable. “I can jump on the trampoline, do flips on the monkey bars and stuff without my underpants showing”, she said.



As a result of this decision, other state schools in Victoria will now offer girls the option of shorts or trousers as part of their uniform.


After this victory, the little girl took her fight to an even bigger platform – TV. Marlie appeared on TV show The Project where she debated the issue with shock jock Steve Price.


While many youngsters would be intimidated by the prospect of debating with an adult on TV, Marlie defied her tender age by arguing her point in a clear rational manner.


While the Australian Minister for Education agrees with the move, Steve argued that “the government should not get involved”.


He said his daughters had to wear dresses to school and they still played sports throughout school.



Marlie argued that this decision wasn’t just about her as she has other friends who also “hate dresses and would prefer to wear the uniform I wear”.


Steve responded: “Surely Marlie, the most important thing at school is that you have a great teacher, does it really matter what you’re asked to wear?”


“Well to me it does,” the little girl responded. “Because when you run around, uhm, your underpants show if you’re wearing a dress!”


“We’re not allowing boys to wear dresses to school though, are we?” Steve asked.



One of the presenters then posed the question to Marlie: “Would you mind if a boy wore a dress to school?”


The articulate little girl replied: “I don’t think it’s fair that there’s a dress code for anyone. I think boys should be able to wear dresses and girls should be able to wear pants”.


What do you think mums?