The friendships we make as young children are incredibly powerful and are a blueprint for all relationships we form later in life.


We all had a best friend growing up whom we loved dearly and wanted to spend all our time with.


This little boy named Eli and a little girl who isn’t named were introduced as babies by their military families. Throughout the years their bond grew and they became best friends.


After not seeing each other for 17 months, their mums decided to set up a surprise meeting. The result was a beautiful video that would melt the hardest of hearts.


The two families met up at the airport, with both mums sneakily filming footage on their phones of what they knew would be an incredible moment.


“Look who’s over there”, Eli’s mum urges him and the little boy looks around in confusion. He can’t see her yet but his little friend and her mum are on the way over.




Just around the corner, the little girl comes into view, holding her mum’s hand. “Over there, look!” her mum tells her.


The little girl looks around and she can’t believe her eyes. There, just metres away is her best friend Eli who she hasn't seen for 17 months.


She stops and looks at her mum in incredulity before swiftly dropping her hand to run to greet her bestie, yelling “Eli!”


She hugs the bemused little boy around the waist but it takes a minute for the shy youngster to return her affectionate hug.


“You can give her a hug!” his mum encourages him and little Eli wraps his arms around his buddy.


“I missed you,” the little girl tells him but it seems like Eli is too overcome for any words. 



The pair continue their rapturous hug while their mums can be heard sniffing away tears of joy in the background.


Although Eli was shy at the start of the clip, now he can’t tear himself away from his best friend. How adorable!


Their mums shared the video to the Love What Matters page where it had millions of views and over 800K reactions from viewers who couldn't get enough of the adorable duo.


We hope these two will be best friends for many years to come, their bond is really incredible.