One of our favourite mum bloggers has to be writer and mum-of-four Nicole Johnson.


We love reading her honest and raw missives about the reality of family life and her admission about cleaning the house had us all nodding our heads in agreement.


However, one of her recent posts was more emotional as she touched on the subject of gradually letting go of your children as they grow up and become more independent.


Nicole explained: “Tonight, I let my daughter find friends. I watched as she paused for a moment and turned back.


"Then, she was one of them. Drifting away from me, from comfort and into the world. I am letting go, which is just is exactly what this means, motherhood”.


From our child’s first day at school to when they say they’re “too old” to hold our hand in public, a mum’s life is full of these heart-wrenching moments where we realise our children no longer rely on us as much.


Nicole continues: “Letting go does not, as I once believed, happen all at once but instead in phases. This has been happening from the moment I felt her body growing in mine.


“The formation of fingers and eyes. The shaping of a human. First steps, away from me. Letting go as she pedalled down our street. Handing her off to a teacher. Walking her to the bus”.


Nicole reflects on the poignant reality mums face, being proud of your child’s achievements and yet sad that they no longer need you like they used to.



You may get a chance to get out, ALONE. You'll put on makeup, jump in the car, ignore the grunts and groans and guilt of the children that think you only exist for them. You deserve time for you, to see adults, to rock like a mother to the music they don't love, to the music from the time before them when you were someone other than, "Mom," "Zach's mom," "your husband's wife." So what if that teenager next to you stares at you when stop at the red light side by side. Sure he thinks you are a deranged lunatic and maybe you are. That is what motherhood does to people sometimes. Sometimes but not tonight. Tonight you are that other person, the one you miss and don't see as often anymore. The fun one. Remember her? Dust her off... You are the woman who engages without running after children, who has conversations--full conversations, not just snippets interrupted and restarted so many times you lose your place, your thought. Tonight you'll let go and be you without kids, without the weight of motherhood just for a few hours. You just let go and enjoy. They'll be okay. Tonight is yours. Have fun! #momsnightout #motherhood #thisismotherhood

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“This will happen until she leaves for college, apartment, career, marriage, children. She will spin away toward a life of her own. It is the way of things.


“It is perfect and terrifying. The most beautiful gift to watch your child become a part of the world separate from you.


“But no matter how far she goes or how much I let go a part of her will spin back toward me”.


Can you relate to this mums? Leave us a comment and let us know.