Kate Hudson opens up about ‘firecracker’ daughter & reveals sweet way they’re alike

Kate Hudson has been opening up about her daughter Rani. 

The Bride Wars actress shares five-year-old Rani with her fiancé Danny Fujikawa. She is also a mum to 20-year-old Ryder, whom she shares with ex Chris Robinson, and 12-year-old Bingham,  whom she shares with ex Matt Bellamy.

While sharing an insight into her youngest child’s personality, Kate revealed the sweet way she and her daughter are alike. 


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Speaking to People about Rani, Kate admitted, “She's the best. She's so magical. She's definitely her mother's daughter”, she says revealing, “It takes her forever to get out of the house”.

The 45-year-old went on to explain, “She's very particular about her wardrobe and her clothes and her vibe”.

“She is just a total firecracker, but then she's much more emotional than I think I was when I was little”.

The How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star added, “She's much more of an empath where I was like, yeah. She's just very empathetic and emotional”.


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Kate also spoke about how close her family is and detailed how tight-knit her little ones are with her ex-partners’ children.

“We are very connected, and we are very close. Love can change form. It’s interesting when you have that modern family; there’s so much love for all the kids”.

“I think the thing that's so unique about my life is that in this very patchwork family, we all have figured it out … The kids feel like they have this huge family”.


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Hudson continued, “There is something that has been able to be nurtured in our family that is personally what I think is, it's very rare”.

“I am so happy we have this real family unit that’s big. It’s beautiful. Everybody’s open to it and understands it’s the most mature thing for the kids”.

“And you can see it in them — they feel loved, they feel protected, they feel safe”.