Sabrina Allen was just four years old when she was abducted by her mother and declared missing, but finally, 12 years later, she could be reunited with her father.
After Sabrina’s parents, Greg Allen and Dara Llorens got divorced; her father was awarded full custody. Her mother, who had a history of mental health issues, was allowed only supervised visitation with Sabrina.
In 2002 Dara was granted a weekend with her daughter, and used this opportunity to kidnap her. Dara took Sabrina and fled to Mexico, where she frequently changed their names, dyed her daughter’s hair and had plastic surgery to change her appearance.
Greg never stopped searching for his daughter, working with the FBI, the Mexican Federal Authorities, US Marshals and private detectives for 12 years to track her down.
After a two week stealth operation and a struggle in which a Mexican officer was injured, Dara was arrested and both mum and daughter brought back to Texas.
Greg, who remarried 10 years ago and has other children, is overjoyed that his daughter has been found. Sabrina however has suffered huge emotional abuse since her mother abducted her.
“She's in pretty bad shape,” Greg said in a statement. “Sabrina has been under a pretty intense campaign to hate me for 10 years.”
“I understand she's been subjected to intense parental alienation. We have a long road ahead of us.”
Sabrina had reportedly been told by her mother that her father hadn’t wanted her, and that he had committed suicide. She was also told that he was violent, and had attacked her mother.
In addition to this, Sabrina wasn’t allowed to attend school. “She was not in school and her education is reportedly several years behind,” Greg explained. “She was effectively a prisoner in a two-bedroom apartment.”

Sabrina is currently undergoing medical and mental health evaluation, and after waiting 12 years, her dad is happy to wait a bit longer to reunite when Sabrina wants to.
“She doesn't want to see me, she doesn't want to see any of my family, so we are respecting those wishes,” her dad said.
“Sabrina is under the care of a therapist and a clinical psychologist. It really depends on her evaluation; we really don't have a timetable it depends on how it goes. We're eager to have her home as soon as possible, and will slowly introduce her to family members and do what we can."