The kitchen is not just for cooking or eating, there are plenty of fun things that you and your toddler can find to do in there.


And whether you are just trying to keep them happy while you do some baking or cleaning or are looking for ways to keep both of you happy, the following things to do are sure to keep everyone happy. 


1. Make a band

Noise and toddlers go hand-in-hand so sit them on the ground, surround them with your pots and pans and let them bang away to their heart’s content. You might want to keep the good pans out of reach though!


2. Practice pouring

Fill the sink up with water and give your youngster plenty of tools to pour with; plastic cups, spoons, bowls and jugs work well and a drop of food colouring will add a little colour to the activity. 


3. Play shop

If you planning on being in the kitchen for a while, why not set up a shop for them. Stack a table with boxes of cereal, tins of beans and fruit and give them some coins to use as change. They might even learn a thing or two about money!  



4. Measure and weigh items

Whether you are baking or not, this is sure to keep them amused for hours! A weighing scales and some ingredients like flour, rice, cereal are all you need for a day of fun.


5. Make shakers

Fill up a plastic bottle with rice and let your little one shake to their heart’s content. Make sure the lid is on securely before giving it to them though, and they can add this instrument to their band!


6. Make suds

Kids and adults love playing with suds! Fill up the sink with plenty of bubbles and give your youngster a few toys - they will be entertained for at least 30 minutes!



7. Spoon painting

Leave the paint brush in the jar and instead give your toddler a teaspoon or a tablespoon, some paper and paint pots. A little trickier to use than brushes, the spoons will create a whole different kind of picture.


8. Cleaning

Most toddlers love nothing more than sweeping, wiping and drying so put them to good use! Set up them up in front of the sink where they can wash and dry or give them a brush and let them do some sweeping.