A non-profit organisation that supports transgender children has created a special doll to teach kids about transgender, and to help those who may be struggling with gender identity.


Gender Creative Kids Canada has created a doll named Sam, who is a trans boy.


Sam comprises of a series of stacking dolls, each of which represents a different stage of gender questioning and transitioning, according to The Metro.


The character of Sam is made up of six different dolls; male and female for the various stages of transition, with a heart charm at the core, to show while transgender people may change outwardly, they are still the same inside.


The organisation says that young children who are questioning their gender identity often find the subject very complex and difficult to talk about. They say that using a toy like Sam to play with could help them to express their feelings.



Gender Creative Kids Canada has launched a KickStarter so that they can make more toys to send to kids around the world by 2018.


They wrote on their KickStarter page: “Most gender-questioning children are born into cultures that don’t accept them. They are often subjected to physical, verbal and sexual harassment leading to feelings of rejection, isolation and confusion.


“Studies suggest that gender-questioning children who have the support of their family and friends are far less likely to experience depression and feelings that may lead to self-harm and suicide.


“We knew that for us to have the biggest long-term impact possible, we needed to engage the people who will shape the cultural norms of the future: children.”


They’ve also launched a video which tells Sam’s story from birth to transition.



In the video, Sam - who was born a girl - dresses up as a boy and prefers to play with toy cars than with dolls. Later in life, she prefers playing with boys, and cuts her long hair short.


As Sam grows up, she struggles with her gender identity, which causes her to withdraw from family, friends and even her twin brother.


However, at the end of the video, it is revealed that Sam’s twin was actually a manifestation of the person she wanted to become.


Gender Creative Kids Canada says that Sam is an educational tool as well as a toy and a symbol of “pride, acceptance and understanding”.


They hope he will be used not just by kids and parents but also by teachers to promote understanding and awareness.