This year the Society of the Sacred Heart marks the 160th anniversary of Mount Anville Junior Montessori and Secondary Schools with the creation of Hearts + Minds, a permanent exhibition at Mount Anville House to be unveiled today, Friday 18th October.
Past pupil Catherine Day, Secretary-General of the European Commission will address a 75-member delegation from Sacred Heart Societies in 11 countries around the world who have come together to discuss the challenges of ‘Leading Sacred Heart Education into the 21st Century’.
The exhibition charts the legacy and contribution of the Society of Sacred Heart in Dublin and provides an understanding of its contribution to women’s education; promotion of the Catholic faith and its role in modern society and its global family.
At a time of much change in the Irish education system, the Mount Anville Schools, under the Mount Anville Sacred Heart Education Trust, continue to provide their students with an education that is underpinned by the five goals of Sacred Heart education; faith, character, intellect, community and social awareness.
The schools enable young girls to develop and thrive in every aspect of life, both in school and outside with consistently high performances across all academic subjects while also excelling in sport, languages and the arts.
The Hearts + Minds Exhibition, which takes inspiration from the motto of the society, Cor unum et anima una in Corde Jesu, was curated by trustee Dr Deirdre Raftery of UCD and aims to give pupils, parents and teachers an understanding of the legacy of the Society, by displaying and interpreting items from the Provincial Archives. It will inform current and future pupils that they are part of a world-wide network of Sacred Heart schools, and a global family sharing the five goals of Sacred Heart education.
Mount Anville Schools are part of a worldwide network present in 35 countries offering unique opportunities for past, present and future students. The past pupils network is alive and engaging with an informed group of like-minded women encouraging current and past pupils along their chosen path in life.  For further information