Mrs Hinch opens up about ‘worrying’ since son Ronnie started school

Mrs Hinch has been opening up about her son Ron starting school. 

The cleaning expert has shared an honest insight into the first few days of her eldest son’s experience in primary school. 

Sophie Hinchliffe admitted to feeling worried about Ron and revealed she’s been crying over this new chapter in the four-year-old’s life. 

Sharing a life update to her 4.7M Instagram followers on her Stories, Sophie explained she’s been feeling, “Crap, drained, exhausted- Just not great at the moment guys. Mainly, Ron started school last week, I’m going to be honest, it completely knocked me”.

“I feel stupid saying it but it’s mad isn’t it how much we worry? And I worry about worrying. I’m one of those people”.

The mum-of-two went on to reveal, “But he’s doing really well, thanks guys. He’s doing so well. He loves it, he actually loves it”.

“He came out of school today and went, ‘I had a lovely day, I saw my friends’. I cried again, you know, you just keep crying”.

The cleaning influencer and her son experienced a difficult time earlier this year when the tot was battling Kawasaki Disease. 

After Ron had to spend time in hospital because of his condition, Sophie explained the worrying situation on social media.

“We have spent the past 10 days living whats felt like a real life nightmare… Ron’s temp spiked 40 at home, I phoned an ambulance. Ron was admitted and IV antibiotics started but NOTHING was working, in fact Ronnie deteriorated”.

Hinch continued, “Seeing Ron this way kicked me with a fear and desperation I’ve never felt in my whole life. What is happening to our son! Please tell me!. After a couple of days, more symptoms appeared and results returned. Ron was diagnosed with Kawasaki disease, something I had never heard of before”.

“Kawasaki disease is a rare, non contagious disease that only affects around eight in every 100,000 children under the age of five in the UK. This disease causes swelling of the blood vessels throughout the body. It can also affect the blood vessels supplying the heart muscle when not treated early enough”.

Luckily, the illness was caught early enough so ‘Ron’s heart wasn’t affected by the disease’, and the family got to go on a summer holiday to Spain in July ahead of Ron’s first day at school.

As well as being mum to Ronnie, Sophie and her husband Jamie are also proud parents to their two-year-old son Lennie.