25-year-old Courtney Kie-Marie Owens from Iowa was arrested and charged after shooting her young son with a BB pellet gun on purpose.
Police report that Courtney had recently bought the pellet gun and had got annoyed that her six-year-old son was curious and kept trying to play with it.
She explained to her son that it wasn’t a toy and to demonstrate this lesson, shot him in the hip with the gun.
The little boy had a swollen lump on his hip where the pellet hit, but was not seriously hurt. He was treated at the scene.
Courtney was arrested and charged with child endangerment with injury, a Class-D felony which can result in five years in prison.
She was taken to the county jail that night but released after posting bail of $5,000. She was charged the following morning and will face trail in the coming months.
BB Gun as used by Courtney Kie-Marie Owens