A mum has defended her decision to give her young daughters spray tans, hair extensions and manicures.
Sophie-May Dickson, from Essex in the UK, sees nothing wrong with giving her daughters - Princess Bliss Tiana May, aged 4 and Precious Belle Ruby Rozina, 2, - the "works" including spray tan, nail polish, and designer clothes. 
The single mum, who has not worked since she left school at 16, is set to appear on Channel 5 programme Blinging up Baby tomorrow (Monday).
The mum said her parenting methods have come under fire as they include letting her daughter have her first spray tan at just three years old and wear hair pieces to kids’ parties since she was two.
Princess regularly applies hair serum to her own hair and shares an incredible designer wardrobe worth thousands of pounds with her sister. 
The little ones’ wardrobe includes a pair of Ralph Lauren sparkly flat shoes costing £90 and a D&G child's dress costing up to £400. Princess's flashy pink bed costs around £1,000.
The mum split up with the girl’s father when Precious was very young.
Both girls wear gold hoops in their ears and Sophie-May says that Precious had her first pedicure at nine months old. 
She said she always wanted to have daughters and began shopping for glitzy things before she even had them.  
Sophie-May complains that some people are critical of her about how much the things she buys cost, especially when she posts photos on Facebook.
She said, “People are small-minded, they think I make her have the tan and wear the hair - but she wants it. As long as my girls are happy that's the main thing.”
Princess gets a spray tan