A frustrated mum, whose daughter suffers from Spina Bifida, is pleading with the government to justify their decision to refuse her seven-year-old child a medical card.

Deborah Biggins and her husband Gerard have opened up about the financial implications of their daughter Sophie's illness and cannot understand why they are continuously refused assistance.

Discussing her applications the mum-of-four said: "I want to ask the Minister for Health who the stranger is who writes letters of refusal to me."

Deborah's daughter regularly attends her local GP which costs the Biggins family €55 a visit, with Deborah admitting: "She doesn't even have a free GP card, It's disgraceful."

Frustrated by the constant refusals, Deborah says: "There's no explanation as to why my daughter can't have a medical card. Someone stamps it and sends it back to me and I get no help at all."

While the HSE cannot comment on individual cases, a spokesman said: "Every effort is made to apply discretion whenever possible and to provide supports to those dealing with a serious illness. However, given the financial means assessment, this is not always possible for those in the highest income brackets."

Campaign group, Our Children's Health, was contacted by Deborah who hopes they may be able to offer assistance or guidance in her case.