When it comes to planning a birthday party for our kids, many of us mums will look to our child’s favourite superhero or TV show to base a theme around.


However, not many of us would look to television advertisements, never mind ads for personal injury lawyers, for a little inspiration, but one mum in Louisiana did just this.


L’erin Dobra’s son Grayson is a huge fan of Morris Bart, a personal injury lawyer in New Orleans, whose ads feature frequently on TV.


According to Buzzfeed, Grayson will stop what he’s doing whenever the ad comes on the telly just to watch it. So, to make his birthday one very special day, L’erin decided to have a party with the theme of Morris Bart and reached out to the firm.



Happy to help the mum, they sent the young boy “an autographed photo from Mr. Bart [and] some key chains with his slogan.”


“They’ve even offered that if we are ever in the New Orleans area to stop by the office so they can meet,” she said.


The party featured a cardboard cut out of the lawyer and a cake with Morris’ face on it.



Well done to Mum, for going out of her way to make her son’s birthday extra special.