Mum seeks advice after mean classmate asks for invite to daughters birthday

One mum has taken to Mumsnet to seek advice about her six-year-old daughter’s birthday. She explained that her daughter has had a huge celebration for each of her birthdays so far.

However, due to financial reasons, the mum has decided to have a smaller gathering at the local cinema this year.

She said they have invited six of her school friends and a couple of other friends from outside of school to enjoy a cinema party.

Her daughter is thrilled with the plans but one girl in school found out she wasn’t invited to the party. The girl refers to herself as the daughter’s best friend but she is actually mean, pushy and dominating over the woman’s child.

“She has been awful to my daughter this week about not being invited (she has never been invited to any of dd's parties anyway). Dd has left school in tears every day because this girl has been pressuring her each day for an invite.”

The mum stressed that her daughter doesn’t even want the little girl at the celebration. On Friday, the little girl ended up asking the mum if she could go to the party and she said no because she isn’t very kind to her daughter.

The little girl ended up in tears and her own mum was less than impressed, but didn’t the mum have a right to say no?

She said she’s been stressing out about the incident all week. She asked: “Should I have just sugared the pill, said that it was a little party and not everyone could have an invite? That I couldn't afford it?”

Have you got any advice for the mum?