Danielle Bartley was severely injured in a car crash that left her with neck injuries and just one arm after her vehicle careered through a puddle on the M3.


After the accident the mum was left in a coma and the hospital told her family to expect the worst, but her six-year-old son, Ethan, never gave up.


The youngster recorded a message for his mum that was played to her by nurses every day.


The sweet and emotional message said: “Hello Mummy. It's Ethan. I'm fine with Nanny. I need you to rest and do as the doctors say so you can wake up. I love you, Mummy."



Danielle’s own mum recalls how her daughter had tears streaming down her face when they played the clip to her, and knew then that she was waking up.


While Danielle can’t remember being in the coma she does remember coming out of it, hearing voices of her family and friends as she did so.


Explaining to The Telegraph why he decided to do it, the young boy said: “I was thinking I needed something nice so she could get better.”


Describing her son’s incredible gesture, the mum said: “He’s got a heart of gold”


What a amazing young boy; well done, Ethan.