Our kids just love to copy us and learn about the things we are interested in, and it looks like US mum Summer Perez may have instilled a life-long love of yoga in her two children.


Summer, 31, first began practicing yoga in a bid to combat depression and panic attacks. It quickly became a way of life for her, and she was keen to pass its benefits on to five-year-old son Jayden, and three-year-old daughter Cataleya.


Now, Summer and her kids practice together every day as a trio – and their near-80K-strong Instagram following flock to check out their moves every day.



If you think Summer’s progress is impressive, just wait until you see what her two little ones can do; indeed, they appear to incredibly accomplished for their years.


“These yoga pics of you and your kids are the best,” one dedicated follower recently commented, while others have branded the adorable trio ‘inspirational’.





Yoga is said to be infinitely beneficial for little ones, teaching them all about building their concentration, managing stress through breathing, and refining their coordination.


Would you consider trying yoga with your little one?


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