While we’re sure your little one is well able to make a lot of noise on their own without the aid of a musical instrument, these fun ones will sound a lot better than your youngster banging their plastic toys off the kitchen tiles.


Easy to create, you are sure to have loads of fun making them with your youngster at the weekend or after preschool. 



This one is actually pretty easy to make, but is definitely the nosiest so you might to consider if you really want to go down this route! To make it, simply pour rice into one plastic party cup before putting another cup over it and securing in the middle with sellotape. Your little one can then decorate the cups to make it a little more colourful.



Ok, we’re sure the last thing you want is to give your youngster a pot that they can bash with a spoon, but by making your own drum you can control the sound that will come out of it. Get an empty tuberware lunch box, cover with clingfilm (making sure it is taunt) secure with sellotape and give your little one a wooden spoon that they can bang it with.


Pan pipes

This one is a nice instrument as it is not too noisy and is a great way to use up any straws you might have lying around. Line ten plastic straws beside each other and secure them by wrapping sellotape around the centre. At one end, cut the straws so that they are all different lengths. When your little one blows into the straws at this end, the different length will make various sounds. 



Using an empty tissue box, rubber bands and kitchen roll tube, you can make your very own guitar.  Simply secure the tube to one end of the tissue box and warp the rubber bands around it either lengthways or width ways. Why not make a few and start a band!



Remember those things that took over the 2010 World Cup, well you can make your very own one at home (if you dare!). Simply cover one end of an empty kitchen tube with wax paper and secure with a rubber band. let your little one decorate the tube with colourful paper or paint and they are sure to have lots of fun giving you a headache! 


image via Pinterest