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My child is lactose intolerant, what should I include in his diet?

If your school-age child is diagnosed with lactose intolerance, here are some tips on what to include in his diet and what to exclude:
Foods that are OK
Foods to watch out for
Check the ingredients
Bread and cereals
Rice and pasta
Fruit and vegetables
Meat, fish, chicken, pulses, legumes, nuts
Cheeses with very small lactose content: brie, camembert, cheddar, edam, feta, gouda, mozzarella, parmesan and Swiss
Soy yoghurt
Milk, yoghurt, ice-cream, milk desserts, cream cheese, cheese spread, cottage cheese, ricotta
Yoghurt-coated muesli bars
Instant mashed potato and vegetables with added milk, white or cheese sauces
Fish pastes and meat paste
Creamy Italian or French cooking
Cake mixes
Creamed soups
Milk chocolate
Flavoured chips and cheese
Flavoured snacks
Artificial sweeteners
Diet tips:
  • In addition to water, rice milk and diluted fruit juice, use a calcium-fortified soy drink or lactose-free milk
  • Check margarine labels for milk-free varieties
  • When cooking, try roasts, grilled vegetables and Asian-style stir-fries
  • For desert, try lemon sorbet, frozen fruit desserts, meringue, fruit baskets and milk-free muffins.

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