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My toddler insists on staying with me when I go to the bathroom. What should I do?

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If you feel comfortable enough to let your toddler accompany you to the bathroom, then it is alright to do so. This way, your child is in sight and can even treat this experience as part of their potty training. You can give them an activity to do while you are busy in the bathroom and try to seat them on their potty. This will discourage them from getting up to mischief and putting themselves in harm's way in the rest of the bathroom.

If you are uncomfortable with your child being with you near the toilet, or you want your privacy, then you can put your toddler in the cot, or in a contained, toddler-proof area. If you put your child in a high chair or buggy, then position it so that they can see the bathroom door. By being able to see when you come out again, your child will learn that you are never gone for long and the separation anxiety will decrease over time.

You can teach your toddler independence by leaving them alone in a safe bedroom with activities to do. Bathroom breaks are a good way of introducing the concept of solitary time to children. By learning to cope with being away from a parent for short intervals, toddlers will have an easier time adjusting to being in play school - and other situations - where the parent is not present.
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