Pilot Mikey McMahon from Edenderry in Co. Offaly and his little brother Robbie found internet fame last year when Mikey uploaded a video of Robbie’s very first flight.


Robbie, aged six, has Williams Syndrome, a rare genetic disease which means he is missing 26 genes from one chromosome. The disease is associated with mild to moderate learning difficulties, heart and kidney problems and developmental delays.


However, Robbie has always been passionate about flying and his brother wanted to encourage this interest. Mikey has had his pilot’s licence since he was 17 and enjoys sharing his love of aviation with Robbie.


The protective big brother enjoys taking the little lad out on adventures and Robbie loves their fun days out.


Their first heartwarming video racked up over 200K views and led to unexpected fame for the pair. They've since appeared on TV3 and been interviewed by Ryan Tubridy.


Now they’re back with an entire year of adventures compiled into one video.



Mikey uploaded their latest video entitled “Robbie’s end of year video 2016” to YouTube which shows the little boy enjoying the thrill of a flight simulator, laughing with joy as the pair take off on a helicopter flight and having some land-based adventures too.


He explained Robbie has always had a love for helicopters so he decided to arrange a helicopter trip for him last year.


“It was another aviation pleasure to get to share that experience with Robbie,” the young pilot said.


Like any good aviator, Robbie is always kitted out for his flying trips in adorable Top Gun style US Army Air Corps overalls. While flying with Mikey, he has his own headphones and mouthpiece to communicate on board.


“Are you ready to go?” Mikey asks Robbie in one clip from the video, to which Robbie squeals “yeah” in between bursts of excited giggles.



Mikey told The Irish Mirror: "The video shows Robbie's first flight and his first helicopter flight. We had a go in the Irish Air Corps' Pilatus PC9 simulator and some motorbike racing.


“I moved to London last July to fly for British Airways and he came to visit too."


Mikey says his brother is always “happy and smiling and wants to have fun all the time."


We can’t wait to see the intrepid brothers set out on their next adventure!