Picture via Facebook


Louisiana mum Demetris Payne punished her son after he was received a three-day suspension due to disciplinary reasons – and it’s gone viral!


The mum posted a picture of her son on Facebook Friday in a local yard sale group, advertising that he would do yard work for free. She later shared it on her own page as well.


She captioned the picture, “He will do your lawn service, he will rake your yard, mow if supplied a mower, pick up trash, or wash your car for free. Maximum 3 hours… And he will do it all for free.”


What a creative idea! Friends donated a lawnmower and other materials so that her son could carry out his duties. It takes a village, right?



She commented on the Facebook post, “He's booked up for this weekend… I got so many requests from buy, sell, and trade that I have to make a schedule.”


The mum documented her son's progress via picture and videos on Facebook.


In one video that shows him mowing the lawn Demetris says, “He’s not complaining about it, he’s going to head on and do it,” before shouting encouragingly, “You got it, you’re doing good!”



Parents showered the mum with praise for how she handled the situation.


“You are AWESOME momma! America needs more parents like this,” one Facebook user commented under the original post on her page, “So glad that his suspension was spent doing community service and teaching a lesson as opposed to a 3-day vacation.”


Another person commended the creative mum, saying, “You should get a parenting award. You obviously love your son very much and are raising him to be a valuable citizen.”


On November 14 Demetris posted on Facebook to let everyone know that her son is back at school and ready to get back to work… schoolwork, that is.


What do you think of Demetris’ solution, mums? What creative disciplinary techniques do you use?