A four-year-old girl in Kansas is in protective custody after her parents forget her in a park for several hours.
Zayshia was found wandering alone in the park at night, and the police were notified. When no one came looking for her, an alert was broadcast on news channels across the state.
It wasn’t until they saw this alert 10 hours later that her parents realised their daughter was missing.
The little girl’s parents, Amanda and Josh Harris, claim the whole incident was just a “miscommunication”.
The couple had gone to the park with their five kids and Amanda’s stepmother, all taking separate cars. When they went to leave, Josh took their two sons and Amanda took their two older daughters and somehow, Zayshia was left behind.
“We went in separate vehicles. There was a big, I guess a big miscommunication between all of us, I guess,” said the girl’s mum.
Amanda says her stepmother was supposed to take the four-year-old home.
“She was supposed to take my daughter with her in her car. She knew this and Zayshia ended up getting left at the lake,” Amanda said.
“A child molester could’ve got her or anything. I’m blessed that she’s okay.”
The family face a custody hearing this week to see if they will be allowed to keep their daughter. They haven’t been charged with any offence.
“We’ve never had any issues. You know we’re good parents,” said shaken dad Josh. “By any means necessary we’re gonna fight for our daughter back."
“You know it was just a miscommunication and now it has turned into a nightmare that we can’t wake up from.”