A couple have been jailed after it was found that their children “suffered terribly” after being forced to live in their own filth.
One child was left permanently damaged after suffering a severe urinary tract infection, and the level of neglect was only noticed when the youngest child was admitted to hospital with severe nappy rash.
The children were forced to sleep in a “filthy, smelly” room that “stank of animal faeces”. The level of neglect was so bad that one teacher reportedly couldn’t stand the smell of one of the children and had to walk away. Another teacher even washed one of the girl’s clothes herself.
The parents were due to be sentenced on Friday, but attempted suicide on Thursday night. They were treated in hospital and underwent psychological analysis before being sentenced earlier this week.
Judge Tabor said that “This is not a case of deliberate hurtful behaviour and assault but one of wilful neglect.”