The Poppintree Park playground in Ballymun, Dublin was burned down on Friday night, causing thousands of Euro worth of damage.
Local Sinn Féin Councillor Noeleen Reilly has expressed her disgust with the vandalism, and has asked the council to cordon off the area as a health hazard.
“Part of the area is now gutted. When I was over there earlier children were playing among the rubble and empty beer cans,” Noeleen said.
This is not the first time vandals have cause destruction in the park. Last year a number of swans in the park’s lake were killed.
“I think some people have little to be doing destroying a playground that young children use. Poppintree Park is a fantastic facility for the Ballymun community. We are very lucky to have such amenities on our doorsteps and it is shocking that a small group of anti social elements would look to destroy these,” the Councillor added.