Drawing and painting teaches your child creativity, eye-hand co-ordination, and how to use tools.
All types of creative artistic activities provide several benefits to your child;
  • Concentration – As your toddler works on his art piece, he is learning how to sit still and concentrate.
  • Self confidence – When your toddler creates that masterpiece and you show them how proud you are of their accomplishment, they gain self confidence. Make sure to display the masterpiece in your home!
  • Self expression – Although those scribbles on the paper don’t resemble much to you, they do to your toddler. Drawing and painting allows children to express themselves.
It’s important that you have a variety of creative tools for your toddler so they do not become bored with this activity. Crayons, markers, paints, coloured pencils, and lots of coloured paper are a good start.
Place your child in a location where you won’t be too worried about the mess they create. (Make sure that all markers and paints are the washable kind!)
Besides just drawing or painting on paper, you may want to include some small sponges, finger paint, or make hand prints in the paint.