Children love to sing along and will easily learn things easily when put to music.
Not only is singing enjoyable for your toddler, but it is highly educational. There are many toys that use music to help a child develop skills. Think about the toys that are in your child’s toy box right now. I bet there are several that play silly songs when your child accomplishes something. For instance, certain shape sorters will sing a song when a shape is put in the right space.
Songs also encourage a child to use their imagination and help develop motor skills. The tried and true “Ring around the Rosie” song is a good example.
Today, there are many programs on TV that use music to teach. When something is put to music and your child hears it a few times, they will remember it easier than if they were just hearing spoken word.
So, make sure you use music as much as possible in your daily routine with your child. Singing a made up song about getting dressed or taking a bath will make everyday occurrences much more fun for your toddler and for you.