A survey has shown that parents are happy to fib to their kids to get them to eat their veggies and other good things. 
Lines such as – spinach will make them strong like Popeye, carrots will help them see in the dark and eating crusts will make their hair curly – are some of the little white lies we tell our kids to get them to eat up, even when we know it isn’t exactly the truth.
In the study conducted by Persil, 31 per cent of parents said they used the curly hair tall tale on their children, and 36 per cent said they'd been told the same thing by their own mum and dad.
A quarter of the 2,000 adults questioned in the poll told their children carrots would help them see in the dark.
Another favourite fib among parents struggling to get their children to eat and drink more healthily is that milk will make them strong.
While things like veggies and milk really are good for the kids, it seems we add our own faux scientific twist to what we tell them.