Exam day can be very stressful, not just for your teen, but for you as a parent as well. Here are few ways to make that stress filled day a lot easier for you and your teen:
It may seem like the most obvious thing on the list but your teen will need enough sleep to ensure that they have a clear head for any exam that’s ahead. Encourage your teen to sleep an extra few hours instead of staying up late studying.
With all the pressure and nerves surrounding your teen, their diet can be slightly erratic. Make sure your teen avoids heavy meals, as their brains will devote all their energy to digesting the food. It’s also important to make sure your teen doesn’t avoid most meals either, as their brain will then have inadequate food to function properly whilst sitting an exam. Moderation and nutritional balance is the key when it comes to your teen’s exam meals.
Breathing techniques
That last hour before your teen’s exam can be the worst for your teen. Despite all of their preparation it doesn’t stop those horrible nerves from kicking in. A good way to help your child to overcome nerves is to practise deep breathing exercises with them. Make sure they’re breathing deeply and slowly and that they expand their stomach with each breath. Breathing exercises will not only calm your teen for what’s ahead but will give them a clear focus on what they can achieve.
Arrive early
The last thing your teen needs is the pressure of running late. Make sure you allow for traffic if driving your teen in and check for weather reports that day. It can also be a good idea to practise the route to your teen’s exam centre in advance, so your teen feels prepared in every sense.
Avoid nervous students
Nerves are contagious and it’s the last thing your teen needs before going into a stressful exam. When your teen is waiting for their exam, it’s a good idea that they quickly go over their notes instead of talking to fellow students and absorbing negative energy. It's better your teen remains focused and positive on the exam ahead, instead of listening to unnecessary nervous thoughts.
Exam plan
Make sure your teen has an exam plan for what’s ahead. It’s always a good idea to go over past papers and to decipher how much each question is worth and how much time your teen should spend on each question. Your teen also doesn’t have to start the exam in the order of sequence and if it makes them feel better, they should start on the question that gives them the most confidence.