Prince William and Kate Middleton reveal their biggest parenting problem

From afar, it is easy for us to see the royals as a perfect family.

But as Kate Middleton and Prince William recently reminded us, they encounter the same parenting problems that we do.

The doting father spoke out about on of his and Kate’s biggest problems when it comes to parenting - the appropriate amount of screen time.

“We still haven’t worked out what the right balance is for online time,” the duke told Channel 5 News.

“It’s quite difficult, it’s still a very fluid dynamic. We’re going to have that discussion with our family, how on earth are we going to police… and have family time when the phones are all put down and you’re offline?

“Because we’re all so connected now, we’ve got to say, 'right, for instance, we’re eating now'.”

The parents, like most, are still trying to find the balance between screen time and family time that works best for them.

The royals went on to ask a group of schoolchildren about how often they’re on their phones, to which they laughed and replied: "a lot".

And when asked if they knew any other kids without smart devices or who weren’t allowed to be online, the children looked puzzled. Everyone they knew had a phone or at least access to one.

“This generation are going to be the first generation to grow up fully immersed in mobile phones, social media, lots of stuff,” William said.

“And yet our generation, the older generation, the parent generation, we’re completely left at: ‘How do we deal with this? Where do we go to? Where do you learn about how to look after your children’s digital world?”

The couple’s comments come just after Prince William’s moving speech about cyber-bullying.

The dad said he wanted to work with Cyberbullying Taskforce in an effort to keep his children and their generation safe from online bullying.

He hopes for the people behind social media platforms to make them a safer place, especially for children.

“Surely together you can harness innovation to allow us to fight back against the intolerance and cruelty that has been brought to the surface by your platforms.”