If your child is a bed-wetter, he may become anxious when a school camp is scheduled because of the potential embarrassment, and try to avoid attending.Encourage him to participate - bed-wetting shouldn't stop him being involved.Discreetly discuss the situation with your child's teacher. This will not be the first - or last - time they have taken a bed-wetter on camp.Teachers usually have a clear plan of action, and once you know what this is, you can form some strategies with your child. It may help your child to know that his teacher already understands the situation, so that if he does wet the bed, he won't have to go into embarrassing explanations. You may consider using 'pull-ups' while he is at camp.
What not to do:
As frustrating as bed-wetting can be - the endless washing, the airing of smelly bedding, the stripping and remaking of beds - never punish, criticise, or make fun of your child.
Bed-wetting is beyond your child's control. No child wants to wake in the middle of the night wet and cold. He wants to be dry just as much as you do.