Kids go through a number of milestones as they grow up; from learning to talk, walk and even getting taller, most of these milestones are fairly obvious.


However, there are a few less obvious things that show your little one is getting older... subtle changes that no one ever really mentions when it comes to parenthood. 


1. They blatantly ignore you

It’s like you’re not even there. Like you’re a figment of their imagination and by not acknowledging you then you’ll eventually go away, right?



2. They seek independence

Usually by making their own outfit choices; the butterfly T-shirt they wore when they were like two (and does NOT fit) has suddenly become their favourite item of clothing...


3. They start to fight for control of the TV

The magical box that sits pride of place in the living room has grabbed their attention and they want to own it.


4. They start to ask questions like ‘why can't we go on holidays like Jane's family?'

And this is when they start to get more interested in money, and just HOW they can make a quick buck... 



5. They look for less hugs

And you crave them even more... *sad face*


6. You start to (sometimes intentionally) embarrass them

Cries of “ugh, you’re soooo lame” start to come out of their mouth. WHEN did that start happening?!


7. The eye roll begins

The most infuriating thing. EVER.  



8. They start to ask for specific branded clothing

“But Sarah has black Sketchers...”


9. They look for ways to make money

"I'll clean your car for €5..." 


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