Fire is a concern for all families, particularly those with young children.


Following concerns about children sleeping through alarms, a UK company has decided to investigate the matter. 


Derbyshire Fire and Rescue has been carrying out test alarms with groups of children to measure their responses. 


The results are quite shocking. 



In a test of 34 children, (20 girls and 14 boys), 80 per cent slept through test smoke detector alarms, according to The Huffington Post.


Only seven children woke up at least once, all were girls.


Since this test, the company have developed a new child-friendly alarm with a lower pitch and a voice warning. They are hoping to test this soon.


In 2006, the National Fire Protection and Research Foundation (NFPA) studied the efficacy of high-pitched alarm systems to alert high-risk groups (children, the elderly, and those with hearing impairments).



They found that a lower frequency system was more effective than the standard high pitched alarm across a range of populations. 


It appears a child in a deep sleep may not always hear the alarms.


The best way to check if your children can hear the alarm is to do a test alarm at night.



If they cannot hear it, consider getting a low-frequency alarm also. 


Remember a smoke alarm is the first line of defence, as smoke can kill in minutes.


Always check your alarms on a frequent basis and plan an escape route in the case of an emergency.