Simon Harris shares photo of 15 month old daughter

Sometimes we forget that our politicians are normal people too - they might be a husband, son, brother and/or dad.   Many of us have been following the news closely over the last few weeks and politicians are increasingly posting on social media to get their own message across to avoid depending on media outlets to portray their message accurately.  

This Sunday, Simon Harris shared a post which reminded us that he's just an everyday guy.  Married to wife Caoimhe Wade on 21st July 2017 they gave birth to baby Saoirse in Janauary 2019 he shared a gorgeous photo of his nearly 16 month old daughter Saoirse.


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"Normal life is on hold for us all at the moment. Everyone in our country is making sacrifices and trying so hard to play their part in stopping #Covid19 #coronavirus. We all miss normality. For me, I miss getting to spend proper time with this little munchkin - 15 months old now! But equally I know, everything we are doing now is for our kids and for their futures. It’s to keep them safe, our families safe and our country safe. We are making sacrifices today so we can have better tomorrows. Let’s keep at it. We will prevail. I hope you are all well. Look out for each other”One follower commented “Saoirse will read about what her daddy did in 2020 in school and she will be so so so so proud of the job you and the government are doing..keep at it.”

Another said “She’s gorgeous. When she’s old enough and hears about 2020 and covid-19 and the work you have done, she will be so proud of you and the sacrifices you have made for her.

A third noted “She’s an absolute dote Simon, your 2 ladies should be very proud of you, you are doing the most amazing job dealing with our current world

On Saturday Simon shared an image of his lawnmower when he was taking a break from work - when it comes to instagrammable content, you wouldn't normally think that such an image would glean a great response but by Monday it had notched up 41,700 likes - his most popular post this year.  But it's his caption that was likely to have resonated most of all - he said: 


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"Taking a 20 minute break from discussion about the pandemic! We all need to clear our heads from time to time. The intensity of the work of everyone in our country on #Covid19 is superb but be sure to mind your mental health & wellbeing too! If I can’t get a haircut, the grass may as well have one! Stay safe and keep well. Be kind to each other. It’s a tough time for everyone"

Lovely sentiment Simon - keep up the good work.  


Main image credit - RTE