For all the bright colourful toys we buy our kids, sometimes they get the most enjoyment out things you wouldn’t expect.
Who hasn’t had a Christmas morning where the beautiful new toys they asked for are ignored in favour of the box they came in?
Here are a few things you might have around the house to amuse your little one if they are bored of their usual toys.  
Colander and pipe cleaners
Pipe cleaners are a great toy, and they are colourful and fuzzy and can be twisted into different shapes.
Add in a colander and your toddler will be entertained for hours trying to push pipe cleaners through the different holes
Plastic cups
Get a few plastic party cups and some of your toddler’s blocks, balls or small toys.
Once you show them how to stack them and hide things inside them they will amuse themselves trying out all the different combinations.
You can also line them up and roll a ball towards for some gentle indoor bowling!
Post-it notes
Toddlers love sticking things all around the place, and post it notes are perfect – they won’t take the paint off the walls like sellotape!
You can either give your toddler a block of the sticky notes and see what they come up with, or use them to play games.
One way to use them is indentifying games. Tell your toddler to stick a post it on everything in the room that’s red, or anything bigger than them.
You can also play post it hide and seek – hide 10 notes around the room and have your toddler find them. Write numbers on them before you hide them, and each one they find can be counted with them.