Staying dry at night can be a hard skill for a toddler to master; patience is the key.
Many times, a toddler who is completely potty trained during the day will have nightly accidents. Usually, bed wetting is due to the lack of a toddlers’ physical control. Either they cannot hold their urine for that amount of time, or they are deep sleepers and cannot feel when their bladder is full.
Experts say that about half of all toddlers will wet the bed until age 3. Additionally, it is considered normal in children up to the age of 6 to have the occasional accident.
If your toddler does well during the day but continues to have nightly accidents, consider putting them back in nappies at night and talk to them about it. Reassure them that they are wearing a nappy because their body is not yet ready to stay dry all night. When you start to notice that they are dry upon waking, start the training again.
In any case, when your toddler has an accident during the night, it is vital that you never scold them. Since they cannot control it, you don’t want them to feel bad about it. Most of all be patient. Your toddler will get there eventually.