Parents play a big part in keeping their child’s ADHD under control. There are lots of simple strategies you can work into your daily care routine that will help keep your child stress free.
Some tips for managing ADHD include:
  • Set routines that are clear and concise at both school and at home.
  • Keep verbal instructions clear and repeat them if necessary.
  • Prepare your child well in advance for any changes in routine.
  • Watch out for things at home and school that may be stressful for your child. Children with ADD/ADHD are frequently more upset by things that go wrong than other children.
  • Keep your child from getting hungry by carrying healthy snacks with you wherever you go.  Allow wind down time between activities.
  • Don't give your child too many choices, instead say “Would you like to do this or that?”as opposed to “ What would you like to do?”
  • Incorporate exercise into their daily routine or free play outdoors where they can run and let off steam.
  • If you see that your child is stressed, have a fun and relaxing activity planned to help calm and distract him.