Members of a Wisconsin community have come out in criticism of a high school over “sex shaming” prom posters.


Female students attending Lincoln High School in Manitowoc were shocked and horrified after finding prom posters which urged them to refrain from doing anything that may taint their ‘character’.


The poster in question features the silhouette of a woman in a Cinderella-style ballgown who is described as ‘classy’, ‘quiet’ and ‘reliable’, with the accompanying message reading, ‘A Night To Protect Her Character’.


A number of the school’s students took offence to the poster, with one pupil’s sister taking to social networking site Reddit to share the image and her concerns.


“Yesterday my sister came home absolutely livid at the sight of a set of posters her school had been putting out. Since then she’s been absolutely amazing, and has been in contact with school officials, local papers,” the user wrote.



The student, now identified as Kelsey Schindl, told local media that she found the poster to be sexist and offensive.


“The insinuation that if you do have sex then you don’t have any character anymore is a horrible message to send. And there are no posters that say ‘protect his character’. Last I checked, sex is consensual and a mutual decision you make together. But according to the poster, just the man decides,” said Kelsey.


A statement issued by the school in response claims that no offence was caused.


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