A poll of 17,496 children in 16 countries has found out what age kids are apparently their most happiest at.


Conducted by England’s Social Policy Research Unit from 2013 - 2015 as part of their Children’s World Survey report, it found that most eight-year-olds are happy with their lives as a whole.


In fact, the results from the poll found that this age group is the most likely to enjoy school, with only 52% of 10-year-olds and 42% of 12-year-olds saying they do as well.


It also found that it is eight-year-olds who have a more positive view and feel safe at home and in their neighbourhood.



Sadly however, many children who took part in the poll stated that they had concerns about bullying, with over a third saying they “often” or “always” worry about money.


It also found that 6% of those surveyed have low well-being with “Ethiopia, South Korea and the UK being at the bottom of the rankings and Colombia, Romania and Spain at the top.”


“For the first time ever we are able to hear from almost 20,000 eight-year-old children from 16 countries what they do, feel, and want,” explained researcher Asher Ben-Arieh.


“This remarkable achievement teaches us first and foremost that children know better than anyone else about their lives and that any effort to improve it needs to be inclusive of their voice.”


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