Getting your child to study for an exam can be a frustrating experience, especially when they just don't want to do it. Forcing them isn't the answer so read our tips for parents and learn how to motivate your child in the right way.
Group work
Encourage your child to set up or join a study group, groups of three - five is ideal. They can enjoy each other’s company but also help each other to focus on the subject of interest. By quizzing one another on subject topics, students can teach each other.
Set goals
Ask your child what he would like to achieve. By setting goals and creating a pathway to obtain those goals, your child is more likely to perform well.  Goal setting is one of the best ways to get positive outcomes in any area of life.
Make success about effort rather than results
Success should be about the effort your child has put into studying or homework and they should feel good about what they achieve by working so hard. They are more likely to feel successful if they have spent their time productively in study. By emphasising the importance of study as opposed to the importance of good results, you'll reduce pressure, increase effort and ultimately lead to better results.
Remove distractions
Internet, phones, games, radio and television all inhibit successful study. Keep them off limits to anyone who is studying, until after their work is done.Ultimately, study will only be successful if your child is willing to sit down, be dedicated and put in the time to learn new material. Forcing a child to study won’t help; in fact it will only result in a less motivated child and less effective study.